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Stars Baseball


STARS HQ: The Stars enjoy their own indoor baseball facility HQ, & have free access anytime it is available all season long!

TOP TIER CATCHING INSTRUCTION: Stars catchers work with Coach Brian Blumsack to ensure our catchers are doing all they can to be a force on the diamond.

TOP TOURNAMENTS & FACILITIES: The Stars will compete in top regional and national tournaments at great facilities.

STRONGER, FASTER, BETTER: The Stars enjoy 2 baseball-specific strength, speed, agility & conditioning sessions each week all season long!

ROVING SCOUT INVITATIONAL: Stars teams will compete in this unique tourney where every team is scouted by professionals in a competitive real-game setting.

INDIVIDUAL POSITION GROUPS: Stars will work in position groups (outfielders above) allowing them to hone in on the key skills at their position(s).

ROVING SCOUT PROSPECT U: Stars players are enrolled in our Prospect U Consulting program. Other services such as Prospect Videos are included or discount available.

LEARN TO SHOWCASE: Stars players will participate in a weekend dedicated to preparing for the Prospect Camp, Showcase circuit.

IT GETS DONE RIGHT HERE: 2x NCAA New England Champion UMass Boston practices here. Former Winter home of Blue Jays catcher Luke Maile. Current Winter home of Reds Double-A pitcher Alex Powers.

COLLECT RECRUITING DATA: All Stars players will have all their key metrics recorded and evaluated several times each season.